Brand of the Year

Dulux, 1982

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When we weren’t zooming around on our BMX Bikes wearing ra-ra skirts, legwarmers and deelyboppers in our hair, we were painting our living rooms subtle pastel shades thanks to Dulux.

This was the year Dulux launched a new range of white paints, Natural Hints with the soundtrack, ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procol Harem. Natural Hints became one of the most successful new products in the brand’s history and lightened houses across the UK.

It was a good year for innovations from the classic ice-cream slice Vienetta from Wall’s to a range of adult’s gourmet snacks from Phileas Fogg. Using the strap line, “Finest food from around the world”, Phileas Fogg became a quirky advertising icon.

The rubber-keyed ZX82 Spectrum was launched in 1982 and became one of the biggest selling home computers with noisy games that had to be loaded from cassette tape. By the following year, its inventor Clive Sinclair was knighted.

Meanwhile Pampers made some significant tweaks to its nappies. They changed shape from the traditional wingfold into an hourglass with added elastic around the legs. And Araldite was winning awards for its iconic poster campaign Araldite “Sticks”.

Then there was the Kodak Disc 2000, the first camera to use a disc shaped film. Initially popular as a novelty, the cameras were phased out by the end of the decade.

Snapshot 1982
Brand Value – Methodology
Books: Alice Walker writes The Color Purple; Tom Peters writes In Search of Excellence
Events: The Falklands War; birth of Prince William; Princess Grace dies; IRA bombs London
Films: ET; Tootsie; Blade Runner
Music: Musical Youth sings “Pass the Dutchie”; Boy George sings “Do You really Want to Hurt Me?”