Sixty iconic brands

…that celebrate sixty glorious years of marketing

To celebrate our 60th anniversary we’re taking a look back at the brands that left their mark in each year of the past six decades. And we want you to tell us which you think is the most iconic. These brands span a period of huge social change, and yet more than half of them appeared more than sixty years ago.

The early years of our list are dominated by packaged goods, the more recent years by the global giants of the internet. Some will surely be thriving in another sixty years, others may disappear as quickly as they have risen.

What do we mean by ‘iconic’?

Etymologists will tell you that it derives from the Greek word eikos meaning image or likeness and has come to mean very famous or popular, and often to represent a particular opinion or a particular time. We know it’s hard to pick just one brand but we’d love you to vote all the same. That way we can draw up a shortlist of brands that today’s marketers really admire.

Of course your all-time favourite brand may not be on this list and we apologise for the fact that, in choosing sixty, we’ve had to exclude many others. But each of these stood out in a particular year along our sixty-year journey. The ultimate winner will be decided via a live vote at our spectacular Diamond Anniversary Dinner in London on 27 November. We do hope you will join us there. When you have voted, call the team on +44 (0)208973 1360 to book your place.

Scroll down the page to see listings on each of the brands by year, then cast your vote.