Brand of the Year

Tango, 1992

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It was a good year for orange drinks. Tango’s “You know when you’ve been tango’d”, slapped its way onto the TV screens. Featuring a man being hit around the face by an orange-coloured person immediately after drinking Tango, the ad seized the imagination of children in playgrounds throughout the country. Britvic’s Tango later replaced the original “slapping” ad with an almost identical new creative featuring a kiss instead. The original ad was named the third best TV commercial of all time in a 2000 poll by The Sunday Times and Channel 4.

Fighting was a popular theme in toys and games. The Gladiators had become a huge TV hit and Gladiator dolls were popular toys for kids. Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat, one of the most popular computer fighting games ever, made its first debut, leading the House of Commons to question its suitability for children.

A bigger battle was ensuing in the world of telecoms. Mercury had the unenviable task of persuading an apathetic public that there was an alternative to British Telecom with its “Hats on the Phone” ad campaign.

1992 was also the year we were introduced to Chris Evans on The Big Breakfast, Edina and Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous and sun, sex and sangria in the short lived BBC soap Eldorado. Then Calvin Klein taught boys to show their pants as Mark Wahlberg modelled CK underwear in low slung jeans.

Snapshot 1992
Brand Value – $5m
Brand Value – Methodology
Books: John Gray writes Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus
Events: IRA bombs Manchester; Fergie and Andrew split; Punch magazine closes
Films: Reservoir Dogs; Wayne’s World
Music: Take That sings “It Only Takes a Minute”